Friday, July 24, 2009


There's one kind creature on earth that I scared the most.. BABY!!!! especially the little ones.. OK.. all babies are I mean.. newborn babies.. I think, even babies don't really like me that much.. coz everytime people force me to carry any babies.. they will start cringing..n then.. uweekk!!!! screaming!! At one point, I do prefer cats than babies.. coz cats are nicer.. and more 'manja'.. to me.. hehehe

And recently, we have a baby living in our house.. The detailed story of whose the baby and how she (the baby is a she) got to my house, I think I want it to just be 'Biarlah Rahsia'.. although there's a funny story when I went to one of my aunty's house last weekends where my aunty's bibik mistakenly thought the baby was mine.. hahahah.. she was like so shocked (and amazed at the same time) when she looked at me with the baby. She's like rubbing2 my tummy.. and saying "nggak tauk pun mengandung?? nampak kempis saja perutnya".. She was so confused..So I add in more 'perisa' to her la..saying that.."Saya pun tak tau macam mana baby nih boleh keluar..tak mengandung pun..tiba2 jer dia terkeluar..magic!!! ini baby instant bik".. hahahah.. me just being evil..

Having her in the house and helping my mum taking care of her.. makes me realise that raising a baby, i.e. a child is like the most wonderful things in life.. She's not even my own child.. but I just adore her to bits and enjoying every seconds of 'motherhood'. It's all started as if, I'm helping out my mum.. coz I know looking after a baby is not an easy tasks.. and my mum is not really like herself 25 years back when she last took care of a baby.. So, whenever, my mum need to do something (pray..go to toilet.. mandi..rehat.. whatever), I will help to look after the baby for awhile.. I'm just lucky that, I can work from home. So at the mean time, I can just be around the house and gives the extra hands when needed.. Walaupun.. my dedication to IBM during the day is still the No. 1 priority la kan.. hehehe.. kang performance menurun.. tak dapat bonus and increment plak.. huhuhu..

After almost 2 months.. I can say that, I'm not scared with babies anymore.. Everytime, I look at the baby, my heart keeps telling me that I'm ready to have a child of my own.. I think I will be able to handle it, whenever the time come.. I feel like I want to be a mother.. and I think I'm ready to be one.. For now.. let me just having fun being the 'experimental mother' to Nur Aishah Zulaika..

p/s: I'm off to feed my other 9 'childrens' plak.. hehehe..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday was a fun day.. one. I dare to 'disappear' from work for a half day.. two. experienced doing 'photoshop'.. belajar meng-edit gambar kerr???? huhuhu.. three. had an almost non-stop laughs.. from kisah kakak tercekik.. to telatah 'diva' yg mencuit hati.. to kisah melantak kuih.. to kisah butang baju terbukak.. all sorts of comedic moments that you can think of..four. yummy foods to eat!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Investigation Period Completed...

It's been awhile yeah.. It's not that I'm just busy with works and fully occupied at home.. I actually do not have much interesting story to share and write in here.. Sometimes, I would do copy and paste entry.. but since I'm not reading much of anything.. I can't do that as well.. huhuhu..

I'm just tired.. bored and feeling sleepy.. Lucky it's Friday.. at least I can think of having the possibility of waking up late tomorrow morning and lazying on my bed.. if and only if I can actually really really do that.. but no harm in wishing and hoping and wondering and berangan-ing rite? hahaha..

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!