Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Top 10 Love/Romantic Movies

This post was meant for Valentine's Day theme..obviously I'm way behind schedule..hehehe.. Apparently, I have so much time thinking of the Top 10 list of my favourite Love/Romance/Chick Flick Movies when what I should be doing is.. list out my Top 10 potential Valentine date?

10. Titanic
This film is just a must have in anyone favourite love movies-Top 10 list regardless of whether they really like this movie or not. It's a typical "antara 2 darjat" love story really..Only that, Leonardo is still cute and you can see Kate Winslet naked (you can practically see her naked in most of her films anyway but still...with that huge blue diamond necklace, it's just soo different and special.. :p) However, I love tragic. Happily ever after love story is just lame and 'yucky' at times. So, watching a sad-ending movie once in awhile can be refreshing..

9. You've Got Mail
I love Meg Ryan!! She's definitely 1 of the queen of romantic movies of all time. Sleapless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Addicted to Love, French Kiss.. I love them all!! It's just that I love this 1 more.. The cyber-virtual relationship thingy does it for me I guess..

8. Never Been Kissed

I read the novel first and loved it. I can relate to the story at that time with me never been kissed..waiting for the right guy..and the perfect kiss and all..hehehe.. When I got to know that a film was made based on this novel, I was so anxious to watch it. Since the movie is included in my Top 10 list, it means I love the movie too.

7. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
This is definitely my favourite Hindi movie. I love classic Indian settings. I like the chemistry between Salman and Aishu in the 1st part of the film.. Salman is in his goofy-foolish self who falls for a beautiful-naive Aishu. When you think that they will end up together until the end of the film, then bammm! Aishu is marrying Ajay Devgan plak. I set my mind to hate this Ajay character as the penyibuk in the story but nooo.. Sanjay Leela Bhansali chose to make his character as angelic as possible...go bring his wife Aishu all the way to Italy to unite her with her true love, katanya... but only for Aishu to really realise who her true love is at the end of the story.. I definitely had cried a river over this movie.. hehehe

6. Jerry Maguire
"You complete me"
When at almost an entire movie you think that this Jerry Maguire guy is a moron and a jerk.. he said this 3 lil words that practically change everything. Who won't fall for that huh? especially when a guy as cute and charming as Tom Cruise appear in your living room and confess that 3 magic words in front of your close friends and family?

5. He's Not That Into You
It's either Love Actually or this movie. I like this kind of movie whereas the story not just revolve around the leading man and woman. So, you would have the romantic couple, the funny ones, the break-ups ones, the sexy one.. all in a movie. The ensemble cast are great as well. The movie is about modern day relationships and how men and women often misconstrue the intentions of the opposite sex which I and a lot of people out there can relate to the story in this movie. The movie sort of self-acclaim that they are not 1 of those cliche chick flick film.. and I definitely agree.

4. A Walk to Remember
I admire any woman character who can influence a guy to be a better man..better person. It's such an accomplishment to be a reason behind any man's success or good life. Same as Never Been Kissed, I've read the novel before the movie came out. Since I loved the novel so much, and Landon Carter is just sooo sweet, this movie made it to my Top 10 list. I loved the soundtrack as well.

3. Memoirs of Geisha
You can do and be willing to do anything to be with the person you love. I can't imagine myself, falling in love with someone that obviously out of my league and do everything that I can so that I can be closer to him.. to get his attention and to be worthy of him. At times in the movie, I do feel like, "whyla this girl need to go through all those hassle just for a guy".. but I guess that's what makes it romantic. Sometimes it's not just guys who do all the efforts right?

2. Stardust
This movie story a journey of a boy (who then becomes a man) in a pursuit of a fallen star, to prove his love for a village beauty. Whose on earth would do that kann?? At first you may think it is ridiculous.. it is stupid and naive ("she just saying that to blew you off, honey.."). But, put all the magical nonsense apart.. his intentions and actions are 'meltingly' sweet.. and totally romantic.

1. Pride and Prejudice
I'm a sucker when it comes to vintage romance stuffs.. especially the British ones.. The falling in love part..the dating part.. the meet up part.. the proposal.. all look so in etique.. very gentleman-ish.. All this elements are very evident in the movie which I like. Apart from that, like other adaptation films, I like the movie because I like the story, i.e the novel and the characters.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my first 2010 blog entry?? After half-way of February?? huhuhu.. I actually have a lot of things that I experienced last month which I would like to share and write about.. So, the next few new entries would be dedicated to those stories.

However, I do have a blog post draft on the issue of "Allah" being used by non-Muslim... I don't know what had happenned there that the writing got stuck half-way.. My lack of knowledge makes me feel that I don't have the right to express what I feel in this matter. In 1 thought, I would think that "what's the big deal?". In my other thought, my mind telling me that "Allah is the name of God (Tuhan) which I and all Muslims worship. Does the non-Muslim worship the same God that I do? If they are not (which I believe they are not), then why use Allah?".

Whatever confusion this issue had over me, whether it's wrong or right to allow non-Muslim to use "Allah"..the only thing that I certainly know is right...with my believe as a Muslim, God=Tuhan=Allah.