Sunday, March 15, 2009

Battle of the Saturday Night: EPL vs AF7...

Conflict of interest on our usual Saturday night.. Entertainment vs Sports channel. At the Sports Channel side, there is Ajim (my bro)!!!! And I also got, at the Entertainment Channel side, my mom!!!! Where do I stand in this battle? If it is the real boxing match, I will be the guy in in the black and white stripe shirt.. hahahah.. or the sexy girl parading the 'number' cardbox.. ;) I'm neutral in this battle, because I do want to watch both.. although a bit heavy to the Sports Channel..Liverpool lawan Man U nih.. bukan sebarang match..

EPL (Liverpool vs Man U) vs AF7 (First concert)? The winner is...drum rolling AF7!! (imah 2kar channel 812 gakla waktu iklan..nasib baik MU kalah, jadi Ajim tak kisah sangatla sebab tak tgk match tuh 100%ly)

Recap on the KOP's heroes of the night... and my personal choice of AF7 best performance last night..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Liverpool is the Europe Master Again!!!

The hot topic for today is no other than Liverpool's 4-0 demolition of Real Madrid this early morning. Obviously, the KOP's fans are all over the moon (in real world..jumping up and down in front of the TV with excitement) with this results.

I didn't watch the 1st leg coz I overslept (typical me..huhuhu). However, it did not excite me to watch the 2nd leg game at all. Maybe I was still sulking over their EPL title meltdown. It's like I was in the "I don't care" /"whatever" mode. huhuhu..After a few SMSs buzzing thru, disturbing my peace of mind and nice dream, I finally forced myself to woke up and to my astonishment..I saw.."3-0!!!"..What the...!!! I missed the best part of all la.. Watching thru the remaining 30 mins, Real Madrid did try to get back into the game although Liverpool looked more threatening at the counter attack. Feeling confident with the results (berlagak kejap), I flip thru to next channel to watch Chelsea's game instead in hope they are actually losing..hahahah..

I'm loving Liverpool again!!!! hahahah.. It's always an on-off relationship between me and Liverpool. I already broke up with them a few weeks back..but now we're getting back together..hahahah..

Monday, March 9, 2009

PPSMI: Hanya Tinggal Kenangan?

As copy and paste from Ministry of Education Malaysia's Official Portal.. Katanya.. Walaupun..

" PPSMI is the outcome of a policy decision made by the Government of Malaysia as the result from the Minister’s Council Meeting held on 19 July 2002.

The implementation of PPSMI was carried out in stages beginning with the 2003 schooling session. The pioneers were all Year 1 students for Primary Schools, Form 1 and Lower 6 students for Secondary Schools.The full implementation of PPSMI was in 2007 for Secondary Schools and 2008 for Primary Schools.

The rationale for the decision to change the medium of instruction from the Malay Language to English for the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics subjects was made based on the government’s concern on the nation’s human capital development towards achieving the standard of a developed country, as well as an early preparation to compete in the era of globalization.

It is widely known that the field of science and mathematics form the basis and have a crucial role in the progress and development of a country. Various innovations and discoveries in these two fields happen rapidly and information access is mostly in the English language.

English language is also the language spoken internationally and mastery in this language would allow easy access to information in these fields.

In conclusion, the policy decision to implement PPSMI was made to ensure students’ mastery in science and mathematics in view of the fact that most of the sources are available in the English language. Indirectly, it is also hoped that the implementation of PPSMI would contribute to the enhancing of students’ command of the language."

p/s: So, what is all about that Maths and Science subjects will be taught in Malay language again?!! The full implmentation had just happenned and now, we're dis-implementing it? hmmm..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tanpa Kekasihku....

Di mana letak syurga itu? Biar kugantikan tempatmu denganku..
Adakah tanda syurga itu? Biar kutemukan untuk bersamamu..