Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contest : Family Sedondon

This is my picture with my extended family. Gambar ini diambil waktu majlis persandingan sepupu adik ipar imah kat Semenyih, Selangor, awal tahun hari tuh. Kalau bab kenduri kahwin, keluarga diorang nih memang paling sporting. Cakapla, tema kahwin kaler aper, gerenti boleh at least 90% sedondon punyer. Belum masuk bab posing gambar lagi. Gambar di atas adalah buktinya. :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ultimate Love Song

Last year I did the Top 10 favorite romantic/love movie. So this year, I'm doing the list for my favorite love songs of all time. This is definitely very hard because there are thousands of wonderful love songs out there. But through time these songs had meant a lot to me

Girlfriend - N'Sync feat Nelly
"Would you be my girlfriend?"

I do not have so many experiences falling in love or have a special someone I can called 'my boyfriend'. This song was a hit when I have one. We danced to this song while he lip-sync the chorus to me. He was lucky that the DJ decided to play the song that night. If not, he probably, need to postpone the question to other night then. hahaha.

p/s: If JC or JT ever asked me that question.. I will definitely say "hell, yeah".. (sambil terlompat2 dgn gedixnyer)

I want to spend the my lifetime loving you - Marc Anthony & Tina Arera

Most duet songs are revolve around the theme of love. There's a lot of very memorable duet songs like One Sweet Day, Endless Love, My Heart, Senja Nan Merah, Ceritera Cinta, Cinta etc etc that I can list on, but I decided to choose this 1 in my list instead :)

For the rest of my life - Maher Zain
OK. I'm one of those who also 'infected' with the Maher Zain phenomenon :)

Tanpa Kekasihku - Agnes Monica
This is one sad love song. Obviously, there are times in our life that we lost somebody dearest in our heart. Below are a few lines of the songs that I like and really touch my heart..

"Kubiarkan senyumku, menari diudara.. Biar semua tahu, kematian tak mengakhiri... cinta..."

"Di mana letak syurga itu..Biar kugantikan tempatmu denganku..Adakah tanda syurga itu..Biar kutemukan untuk bersamamu"

Until the end of time - Innuendo
This is one of the most romantic wedding-theme song coming from a Malaysian artist. I would definitely will feature this song in my wedding (when it happens 1 day..)

"And I give my heart and soul, I give it all to you.. to you..All my hopes and dreams are in this wedding ring..I love you.. until the end of time"
p/s: I love Innuendo!!! Had huge crush on Reymee. Big time!

My All - Mariah Carey

My ultimate favorite song. It's not really related to me or my love life. Perhaps, because I love this song so much, I used to sing this song to my exes on the phone at night..hahaha.. The memory really bring smile to my face now..
p/s: Poyo-nyer I...

Sesungguhnya - Raihan
I believe that the greatest love of all is the love to the Allah. And, to feel that we are loved by the Him. And, we are blessed by Him.

"Tuhan hadiahkanlah kasih Mu kepadaku..Tuhan kurniakanlah rinduku kepada Mu..Moga ku tahu..Syukur ku hanyalah milik Mu"

Kau Kekasihku - Siti Nurhaliza
"Dari mata..Dari jiwa yang berahi..Kini kumengerti istilah percintaan ini..Moga nanti ada seru menyatakan..kau kekasihku hingga ke akhirnya.."

"From my eyes.. From my passionate soul.. I've understand the meaning of this love..Perhaps they will be time.. a sign to say.. you're mine..until the end of time"

I had a number of disappointment and heartbreak in love. I have used that part of the lyrics of this songs in several occasions, as my "last-ever-love-note-I-will-ever-send-to-you". You can note that I even have 2 versions of it to cater different audiences. hahahah..

Hello - Lionel Ritchie/David Cook
"Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"

I think, I have this questions on my mind so many time. I'm such a fool when it comes to love, flirt, sign language etc etc. The lyrics of this song mentioned about "tell me how to win you heart.. coz I haven't got a clue". And yes, most of the time, I really don't have a clue. And because of that, I lost quite a few of someones whom I like because I have not acted very well in this pre-love mind games. Well, perhaps it's not really meant to be rite?

p/s: I love David Cook's version...

I Love You - Celine Dion
I have to pick this Celine Dion song! Period! :D
Plus, I do believe in the power of these 3 words.