Monday, May 31, 2010

Train Story

Since it's a wedding season and everybody from my age and younger are getting married, the subject of my marital status, popped up as the main topic of discussion again. Just when I think I'm off the hook, the wedding season is coming..siiiiiiigh.

My mum thinks I missed my train already. And I can't blame anyone but myself that I decided not to take the earlier train(s), given the fact that she's aware of a number of trains that had passed by. She knows that some had made the stop. She also knows that, not only I refused to get on those train(s), I would make myself as far as possible from any train station if I know the fact that the train(s) had made and will make the stop for me. Made myself unavailable..sort of. hahahah..

What can I do... At that time, the ones that stopped were LRT-type train, i.e. guys with 'ready to get married now' status But, I prefer, KTM Senandung Malam train instead, i.e. guys 'not ready to get married yet' status. So, I can't really blame myself of not ready to take the LRT train. They're just too fast for me that they scared the hell out of me. But now, it's a different story la kan..hehehe.. I would be crazy to still prefer KTM Senandung Malam.. hahahah..

p/s: It took me 8hrs to get to JB by train!!! Mmg giler!!! Tak taula bila Malaysia nak capai tahap ader keretapi laju ke negeri2 di Malaysia.. huhuhu