Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh No! Not me please...

I don't mind be friend with a married man. I have friends who are. While some, I have their wife as my friend as well, but there are also some that I do not. Whether I know their wife or not or their wife know me or not, I know my limit as a friend and respect their marital status. As far as I know myself, I do not have any feelings to any of my married friends. Of course I do have a lil' bit of interest to 1 or 2 of them before, but the feeling did not continue once they have officially 'owned' by other women.

I do have an issue however, if the friend would like to take an advantage of our friendship and trying to get 'itchy'. If they are a true friend, and really know me, they would never ever trying to make a move on me or even thinking about it. I knowla I'm 'andartu'. But, pleasela don't let that give you an idea that I can consider anybody and entertain your 'itchiness'. It's not that I'm against poligamy. If it was written in my fate that my 'jodoh' is with a married man, then I do need to accept that. Dah jodoh kan? But I know that the decision will come if and only if the situation is right and it is for the good and happiness for all parties and not my own.

I can't predict the future. And I don't know where my heart will 'fall' and all. But I do appreciate the co-operations of all my married friends or any other married man out there (who might read this) that if you are looking for a new 'branch' please please and please..try your best to look at other area and not mine.