Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As open minded as I am. I'm totally in the 'No sex before marriage' team. Not even a person as hot as Brad Pitt can tempt or seduce me to cross over. perrrgh.. Easy for me to say la kan. Since nobody in that hotness level had ever tried on me any way.. hehehe..

There were people (mostly guys who want to get into my pants la kan..), who will debate about my choice about this matter. Their argument is that I won't do it (the sex before marriage) because of the religion. And, if I'm not Muslim, I would do it. See.. how guys can manipulate your mind and make you surrender? If they can't seduce you.. they will argue with you.. huhuhu.. What I can say.. it's not easy to resist temptations, I tell you.. But, there reasons why I still survive.. SO FAR.. hehehe..

Of course, the top reason of it is religion. I've done a lot of the 'small' sins (dosa kecik) myself, which if accumulate them all, can considered as 'big'..huhuhu.. So, I definitely don't want to touch the 'big' sins category. Apart of that, I always think of consequences in any of my actions. What good things I can get out of it? Thinking about it, I say, I would probably get nothing more than the pleasure of the moment. Whereas if I join the opposite team, I would put myself in jeopardy of degrading myself.. getting myself pregnant accidentally.. and in the most unlucky situation, I may get AIDS.. plus, if anything happenned, my parents, my family would get the shame.. Even if I put the religion factor aside, thinking of all the wrong possibilities that can happen, turn me off completely. Even the thickest condom in the world can't throw that thoughts away.

That's why, I don't understand why many young girls out there would dare to put themself in jeopardy of all that consequences.. Maybe they just being a total idiot or lust get the better of them. Who knows eh?

My bigger concern now however, not about the decreasing number of virgin girls (especially amongst Muslim/Malay girls). I don't think I care enough if they are virgin or not. They big enough to think what's right and what's wrong. Doing it (the sex), itself shows that they are already an adult. Although they might not have a brain like one.. But, I am concern about the increasing number of babies being thrown away to death. Really sad to watch the news and see all the horrifying pictures in the newspaper. How can a person do such cruel thing? What's the point of going through the 9 months pregnancy period, then 'murder' it? It just didn't make sense at all. Stupid right?

I understand, in this situation, we can get scared and panic. That would be what I'll feel. However, they would have more than sufficient time to really think about what they want to do. About the baby and themself. At least 7 months to really think and make a decision. Put you baby in rubbish dump or flush it in toilet should not be the options. Don't be afraid to go to the families/ parents. If not, they are organisations that can help and assist. Berani buat berani tanggungla kan..

Sunday, April 18, 2010


What goes around, comes around eh? I don't know if I really believe in Karma. But, sometimes, fate does happen in that way. Buat baik dibalas baik..buat jahat dibalas buruk, katanya..

I feel like I've been unkind to a lot of people (guys) in the past. Maybe unconciously done. I may have break the hearts of many. Some may be forgiven and let the past be bygones. But perhaps, they are a few who had cursed me and I'm not out of it yet. Like Mahsuri with her 'padang jarak padang terkukur selama 7 keturunan'.. huhuhu.. matila if I'm cursed until 7 keturunan..

I'm always been labelled by this lot of people as sombong, jual mahal, takde parasaan etc etc. I always like to deny it, because I think I am not. But, since lots of this words had been thrown to my face, I start to doubt myself. To my defense, sometimes, I'm cold towards certain guys because I don't want to hurt their feelings or give them false hope. In some cases, I did still hurt their feelings and sort of offended them. "Ala.. poyolah imah tu. Macamla aku nak kat dia sangat" attitude.

So, I was thinking.. maybe I repelled guys so much. Now, guys are repelling me?