Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Life of 2009

Looking back at my 2009 moments..

My grandfather (my father side) passed away. I know that, he was never himself after my father's death. My father was his eldest son. One that he depends on much. Each time I met him. I can see that he suffers deeply and he missed his son so much that he feels like he doesn't have any purpose to live anymore. My grandmother told my mum, that yai (what we, the cucu all call him) read the very last letter that my late father wrote to him almost every night. From then, I started to realise, that it's actually harder for a parents to see their child passed away before them.

No major event that I care enough to remember.

I took a job at a tution centre, teaching Maths for Form3 students, teaching for the first time. I don't like teaching really. That is why I always against my mum's wishes asking me to become a lecturer. And I know for a fact that I can't teach, especially to the 'lembap' n 'manja' ones. No offence to them..But, not only that I don't have the patience. It's also quite hard for me to come to terms that things that I can understand is actually quite hard for other people to grasp. So my theory is, if you can't think like the 'lembap' ones. You won't be able to reach out to them and teach the way that they will understand. I can understand my way. But they may not rite?

Because of all that, my teaching part time career ended a few months later.. hahahaha..

One of my resolution this year is to be fit and have flat tummy..So, I signed up for gym membership in Fitness First. During my first few sessions, I had a few complimentary session with the trainer. Since I'm not hot enough (i.e wearing tight short pants and sexy t-shirt), no hot trainers interested to train me. I ended up with a short trainer instead. Such a blow.. But what the heck, eh..In a way, I should be relieved. At least, I can concentrate on working my own body rather than checking out the trainer's body..hahahaha..

It was really tough. In front of the trainers, he forced me to lift 5kg weight. But when I'm on my own..I cheat and lift the 2.5kg weight instead..hahaha.. Did I have the flat tummy I want and be more fit? hmm.. my answer is.. No comment. hahahah..

1 morning, my mum answered a call from someone we know. The conversation sounds like a very serious thing had happenned. I got a feeling that, it was not a good thing. At 1 point I hear my mom said, "Bolehla..Bawaklah dia datang sini..Biar Ecah bela"..hmmmm..

Once my mom put off the phone, I quicly asked, "What happenned?"

The next day.. a baby girl was presented to us. Her name is Nur Aishah Zulaika. It was the start for all of us to suddenly become a mum. I'm not married, and never had baby sister or brother. Thus, it's my first ever experience. My mum have not taken care any baby for 26 years. Thus, she is also sort of like a new mother as well.

Life certainly is not the same anymore...

Quite an eventful month. Had a few memorable activities with the RizAngels peeps. One of it was Hari Raya Photoshoot for MH Raya Bumper. (I didn't even manage to buy the magazine to frame it.. :p).

End of the month was my BIRTHDAY!!! Nothing to really be excited about. I don't celebrate it anyway. However, the highlight of the week was karaoke nite with Riz and the Angels. I was so lucky to be part of it. He sang a lot of songs that nite. Once he arrived, he conquered the mic all to himself. Since it's not always you got the opportunity to hear and watch a singer, singing in front your eyes. So, I don't mind not having the mic at all.. I got to sing "Ceritera Cinta" with him anyway..yeeepeee!!! (he sang beautifully... but I'm soo no close to Jaclyn Victor..hehehe.. Lucky sis Frizz helped me at end of the song to cover the high pitch part..)

My brother got engaged!!! And as you can see later.. the rest of the months of the year, were dedicated to his big day only.. huhuhu..

September/ October/ November
My life mostly evolve around work, baby Zulaika.. my brother's wedding preparation.

Not that I have a lot to prepare. really I just volunteer to do his hantaran. But, a lot of surveying work were involved. Went here and there to find good and cheap resources and trying to pick out ideas as well. The end result? Believe it or not.. I didn't even manage to take pics of my work. But I do have memoirs of it in a video. Thanks Pak Long..

Closer to the reception. My weekends, packed with house-to-house visits to my mum's closest friends. We planned to go to a lot of houses and personally invite a lot of them. But, after 1 or 2 weekends, our plan had not really go into plan. If we planned to go to 5 houses. We may end up getting 2. One thing about my mum is, (which I believe, I have this trait from her too), is not the kind of a person who like to hang out with friends, casually (she only goes out if there's an event or invitation) or go to friend's houses. Although, her friends are mostly welcoming kind of person, she just have this mindset, that her visit will disturb her friends - thinking that her friends may be busy with work, kids, husband.. whatever. So, you guys can imagine how excited her friends were, and after awhile not meeting each other, you can imagine the length of topics to share and story.

The Wedding... and that's ended my year.

Happy New Year peeps!!! and Welcome to 2010!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Expectation is arising...

Congrats to my dear bro!!! Akhirnya dia telah bertemu dengan jodohnya..

Although technically he's my younger brother, but I always treat him as if he's my elder brother too.. (not because I juz simply want to perasan muda yer.. hehehe)..He's always ahead of me in many things.. He knows how to ride bicycle before I did. He had his driving license before me. He starts earn his living (i.e working) before me. And now, he weds before me..

I have no problem being 'dilangkah-bendul' to him. Even way back during my teenager years, I kind of knew that he will wed before me. And I sort of want him to. I don't know why but I always want him to marry before me..

My only problem now is.. people is starting to put expectations on me.. muchly anticipate for another wedding invitation with my name in it. Not only that.. people is now eager to wait for who I will marry and my wedding receptions..

They said: "Wedding imah nanti mesti lagi grand kan?"
Me: *gulp*