Sunday, June 10, 2012


I had a strange dream last night. In the dream, I met this guy who is or was a friend of mine. I'm quite upset with him for a lot of things. From how he suddenly ignore me, never reply my messages, when I hi-ed him on chat.. he'll offline himself and he sort of shut me out from his life. I don't mind if he does not want to be my friend anymore or mad at me or hates me. It is when you dont know WHY. Yes, this I mind.

I, however, never really confront him for reasons. For me, his actions speak louder than word. I got you, my friend. My last sffort on communication was just a Frienster message for Hari Raya wishes or something, and I asked for his forgiveness if I ever did something wrong to him. Yes, he never replied and we have not communicated or spoken since then. I just hope, if I ever have done wrong, he had forgived me. I so wish that there'll be time and place that we may cross path again and I will get some answers. Insya Allah...

Back to the dream I had. Yes, I met him! After all this years.. finally I met him! OK, it's just a dream. But I met him. We talked. I told him what I felt. Why he didn't this? Why he didn't that? Why he did that? He gave his answers. He gave his reasons.

Then, I woke up. Weirdly, I felt relieved. I felt like a huge burden from my thoughts, my heart had been lifted. I felt like I got my freedom. MY CLOSURE...


  1. Hi Anggun, dreams can have certain meanings in our life, and sometimes coming true. Can be good, can be not so good....
    You stay easy, keep a song in your heart.

  2. ermmm... ada org kita tego dia kat bbm pon senyap je :(

  3. kalau ader BBM org tu senyap.. maknanya, data plan dier/Blackberry orang itu off, mungkin juga sbb henpon die dh kena bar..hahaha..InsyaAllah kalau cuba hubungi di tempat komunikasi yg lain.. yg dia boleh buka n baca.. dia boleh reply.. ;)

  4. yeay.... i wish i can dapat closure cam tu.... best giler.... ade special doa tak??