Monday, November 21, 2011

The Meet Cute

I've always been fascinated with the story of how 2 people meet. Even in movies, I always look forward to the 'Meet Cute' part, a part where the hero will meet the heroin for the first time. I like to know the things like how they come to know each other?.. What are their feelings at the time of first meet?. Do they experience the 'love at the first sight'? or is it just an attraction?

I would say that, my parents had a unique 'Meet Cute' moment. They had known each other a few years before their first meet. My father was studying at MRC at the time. I was told that, it was required by the senior that everyone must have a girl picture stick in their locker . You know back then, ragging can be pretty tough. Mom told me that someone had told her that my father was once badly injured by his seniors. I don't really know what he did that had caused that, but I got the picture of how bad the senior 'bullying' can be at the time. So, I understand, if senior had asked to do 'A', so, by hook or by crook, you have to do 'A'.

My father don't have any girlfriend at the time. But, his best friend has. So, his best friend suggested that, while he'll be asking his girlfriend to post her picture over, he'll ask his girlfriend to send a picture of her friend too, for my father. Just so happen that the girlfriend is mom's best friend. So, as you all can guess.. A pic of mom had also travelled all the way from Kuala Kangsar to Sg. Besi. Yes! My father finally got the girl picture stick in his locker as directed by the senior. Very little that he knows, the girl in the picture will be his future wife. What a fate eh?

I come to know that they become acquainted after that. Due to the distance between them, they only communicated via mails. Obviuosly, no mobile, no e-mail and definitely no facebook/twitter. But they managed to be friends. I never asked, what kind of things they usually write to each other. And my parents never really reveal this part of details to us (my brother and I). So, I guess, this is one of those things that they just want to keep it as confidential matter.. hihihi..

They've been mail-buddy for quite sometime because, they only meet for the first time when my father is already in the army. If I remember this correctly, he was stationed in Kluang, Johor. He had some kind of training or something in Taiping, which bring him to the state of Perak. He rides his scrambler motorcycle from Kluang to Taiping together with a friend. I repeat.. ride!!! After the whatever-business-he-had-in Taiping ended, my father's friend invited him to go ride with him to Sg Siput to meet somebody, who I don't remember who. Perhaps his family.

So, while riding south to Sg Siput, he came to a junction where one directed to Sg Siput and one directed to KUALA KANGSAR. Out of sudden, he thought of mom. What he said next, was really the turning point of the story.

Ishak: Eh, aku ade kawanla kat Kuala Kangsar. Aku ingat aku tak jadi ikut kau pegi Sg. Siput.

The friend is OK with that, and they both continue the journey in separate ways. My father reached Kuala Kangsar not long after. From the letters he always wrote to mom, he knows what is the name of the kampung he should head to. The only problem is that, he don't know where and how to find the exact house. Luckily, there's a small grocery shop at the village So, he decided to stop there and ask. Tauke kedai runcit must know everybody, he thought.

Yes! He did know everybody. In fact, the owner knows mom personally too. So. he himself, helped my father to give directions to mom's house. I can't recall if my father ever told me his feeling at the time. Anxious? Nervous? Excited? But I'm sure he is very brave of doing this. Never have met mom at all. And there he was, riding his scrambler to mom's house. When arrived, he did not only meet my mum for the first time, but he met Opah too. When asked about, what he thought of mom when they first met, he said, mom looks smaller than he thought. I was like.. that's it? But that's all he's willing to share. huhuhu...

Even without the exact details of everything, I always consider their 'Meet Day' as the best story ever! This, I think had put a very high standard to my mum and I on how I would meet 'My Guy' and how 'The Guy' should treat me. My father was very gentlemen and respectful in his way. From the first meet and later meets that follows, he always come to mom's house first, ask permission from Opah to take mom's out and so on. And this perhaps had put an expectation to me, that someone I date should be at least very respectful, if not very gentlemen-ly. I may have had my 'Meet Cute'(s). One perhaps belong to my 'jodoh' Or, I may yet to experience greater 'Meet Cute'(s) in the future. hmmm...


  1. Kan best kan meet cute nie... I agree the guy should always ask the parents permission first before going out with the girl. It is out of respect and safety of the girl.

    Girl ni precious. Like a priceless gem. So kene lah jaga elok2. Awesome.

    For people yang don't understand that, I feel sorry for them. I really do.

  2. yes! sekrg imah dah nak jadik princess. My date should dtg jemput imah, perkenalkan diri kat mak and mintak izin! hahahah..

  3. yes we are princesses... sadly all the prince dah kawin... and kalau ade pun mostly still in TOADS costume.... Adekah kite perlu kiss all these ugly toads.... amd hope that they'd turn into our Prince?? I HOPE NOT....LOL