Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life without My-Vince

Wow! I actually had lived without a car for more than 3 months!! The only car available at home is a manual car which I'm so suck at driving it, which make, my mum and the rest of house members as my official driver.

Throughout this period.. I enjoy not paying for car loans. I enjoy not have to be the only person that mum has to depend on to do anything or to go anywhere. I like it that I contribute less to air pollution. I like it that I save so much of not spending on petrol. I like it (sometimes) that I go to Carrefour or Wangsa Walk or Rampai LRT station walking.

But... there are also a couple of things that I do not like...

I hate taking public transport. OK, I seldom go to office. But instead of usual 30 mins drive from home to 1Utama, it actually took me 2 hours to 1Utama by public transport. It not even cost savings (perhaps, just slightly) and definitely not time savings! I hate waiting and wasting time. That's why I don't like to go to office. Even with driving, I can lost at least 30 mins where that 30 mins, I can perhaps finish 1 or 2 budget report or even better, an extra sleeping time. hahaha..

I hate depending on people too. I'm so used to of doing anything or going anywhere by myself. So, it is tiring that you need other people to help you to go somewhere. Not everybody or everytime, people are free and available for you. I always feel bad if I need to bother anybody or being such a hassle although the person may be sincerely and willingly helpful. Maybe I should not have to feel so bad. But hey, it's just an imah-desease kind of thing. I just can't help it.

I hate to make decisions. It's easy if you like a certain car and money is never a problem. No point of liking this 1 car but you can't even afford the monthly payment. I was going through so many doubts and second thoughts on what my second car would be. The situation is like I just get a divorced and now I'm searching for my second husband. Obviously I want my second husband to be better than the last one. And this time, I need to make sure that I got the 'blessing' from my whole family in hope this time it can last longer. Uuurgh! I just hate deciding and it was so hard to make up my mind.

Thank God. All that is already in the past. Thanks to Him, for helping me to get through the period without my dear 'Vince' and help to guide me through making the decision. I know I would be lost without You.

p/s: I still missed my 'Vince'.

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